October 18, 2016

SUB BYO lunch seminar series


Welcome to the seminar series of Sustainability in Business (SUB) in Management Department, Aalto University School of Business.

This seminar series provides a monthly forum for all interested to discuss topical research in social and environmental issues in management.

The one-hour sessions take place at Main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16) room C-238 or C338-339  during lunch time. Buy Your Own lunch (=BYO). We get lunch together at restaurant Proffa that is just next door.

Discussion dates & topics in Spring 2017

Friday 03.02
Sofia Villo

Friday 17.02
Juliane Reinecke, Warwick University

Discussion dates & topics in Fall 2016

Friday 21.10., 11.15-12.15

Tatu Lyytinen & Jarkko Levänen. Incorporating circularity into business models: a comparative case study of institutional implications on recycling companies

Friday 11.11.,

Jennifer Goodman & Jukka Mäkinen. Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility: A Political Perspective

Friday 18.11., 11.15-12.15
Jennifer Goodman co-authoring with Daniel Arenas, and Laura Albareda. Understanding Internal Conflict in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

Friday 09.12., 11.45-12.45
Ines Peixoto. Paper on the biofuels market

Friday 16.12., 09.00-10.00

Samuli Patala. Organizing open sustainability: the role of intermediaries in circular economy practices