August 7, 2017

Network for Business Sustainability blogs about Sustainability-Oriented Innovation research at Aalto


In their blog entitled “Outsiders are the New Innovation Stars”  NBS goes over practitioner-relevant research findings on stakeholder integration to sustainability-oriented innovation produced at Aalto during EU-Innovate project.

The research suggests that despite the importance traditionally assigned to primary stakeholders, secondary stakeholders (such as NGOs, academic institutions, public authorities, etc.) may be particularly relevant to sustainability-oriented innovation, promoting out-of-the-box thinking in businesses.

NBS brings forward the set of practitioner-oriented materials (short videos, stakeholder roles’ guide for businesses, and the Cookbook for Sustainability Innovation) developed at Aalto based on the academic research. These outputs were especially tailored to reach the practitioner audience and close the gap between academic research and business innovation practices.

Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) is a non-profit that produces authoritative resources on important sustainability issues to shape management practices. By connecting international academic experts and business leaders they aim to integrate sustainability research into business practices.