October 3, 2017

“Magnificent Life”-course by Esa Saarinen


The course “Magnificent Life” (2 cr) will start on Friday the 6th of October at the Stage of Design Factory.

The aim of the course is to help you to develop your reflection muscles and to deepen your own thoughts, rather than offer theories, discipline or pre-fixed advise on the subject of magnificent life. The point is to help you to carry out more magnificent life for you. Check out the course video here!

The course will consist of four lecture-events each taking place from 13.15 to 17.00, including the exciting discussions that follow each 2-part lecture set. The events are intended to stimulate your own thinking in a safe, encouraging and respectful atmosphere and with the intensity of a concert-at-a-club.

Fri 6.10.2017 Your X Factor

Mon 9.10.2017 Pulp Wisdom

Fri 13.10.2017 Lady Gaga in Otaniemi

Fri 27.10.2017 Good Vibrations

All students of Aalto University, including exchange students, are welcome to attend the course. Intended course size is 70-120 students. Click here to visit course homepage.

To enroll yourself in the course in Oodi:


In practical matters contact course assistants: Jaakko Korhonen (jaakko.korhonen@aalto.fi) and Ida Tiilikainen (ida.martela@aalto.fi).