October 5, 2017

Transdisciplinary interaction and top-level expertise combined in the activities of Aalto Sustainability HUB


The research community at Aalto Sustainability Hub aims to create a systemic change driving sustainability forward with its activities.

The first seminar session on Sept 27th focused on the insights from School of Chemical Technology’s work, presenting research findings related to wood building, nanoparticles and energy production from waste heat.

Check out the full story and highlights of the presented research on Aalto Inside.

The seminar series is to be held monthly in Learning center at Otaniementie 9. The next sessions are on Oct 26 at 14-16 and Nov 30 at 14-16.

“I hope all researchers of Aalto with an interest in sustainability will join this seminar series and work of the Sustainability Hub. The next session will dig into the business perspective – bringing sustainability innovations into business models, sustainability from finance perspective, and systems transitions to smart and sustainable energy, as well as other contemporary topics”, says professor Minna Halme.