October 15, 2018

New papers from Leena Lankoski, Jarkko Levänen, Tatu Lyytinen and Samuli Patala


Four SUB researchers have recently had studies published in peer-reviewed journals:

Leena Lankoski‘s paper Shaping norms. A convention theoretical examination of alternative food retailers as food sustainability transition actors, co-authored with University of Helsinki’s Sini Forssell, examines the role of alternative food retailers in shaping norms and how this may impact the transitions of food systems.

Jarkko Levänen and Tatu Lyytinen‘s paper Modelling the Interplay Between Institutions and Circular Economy Business Models: A Case Study of Battery Recycling in Finland and Chile, co-authored with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Sebastian Gatica, develops an analytical framework for modelling the interactions between circular economy business models and institutional operating environments.

Samuli Patala‘s paper The darker side of sustainability: Tensions from sustainable business practices in business networks, co-authored with Lappeenranta University of Technology’s Nina Tura and Joona Keränen, illuminates the tensions that can arise when sustainable business practices are implemented.

The new papers add to the growing body of SUB research on sustainability transitions and their systemic implications.