Transdisciplinary interaction and top-level expertise combined in the activities of Aalto Sustainability HUB
The research community at Aalto Sustainability Hub aims to create a systemic change driving sustainability forward with its activities. The first seminar session on Sept 27th focused on the insights from School of Chemical Technology’s work, presenting research findings related to wood building, nanoparticles and energy production from waste heat. Check out the full story and highlights... View Article

“Magnificent Life”-course by Esa Saarinen
The course “Magnificent Life” (2 cr) will start on Friday the 6th of October at the Stage of Design Factory. The aim of the course is to help you to develop your reflection muscles and to deepen your own thoughts, rather than offer theories, discipline or pre-fixed advise on the subject of magnificent life. The... View Article

Upcoming events: International Seminar on Energy, Industry & Innovation Policies
Smart Energy Transitions Network is organizing a two-day international event highlighting the experiences and learnings of Denmark, Germany, the UK and Finland in the interplay of energy, industry and innovation policies. The event hosts international speakers, as well as Finnish energy policy experts and governmental representatives. The language of the event is English. More information and... View Article

Network for Business Sustainability blogs about Sustainability-Oriented Innovation research at Aalto
In their blog entitled “Outsiders are the New Innovation Stars”  NBS goes over practitioner-relevant research findings on stakeholder integration to sustainability-oriented innovation produced at Aalto during EU-Innovate project. The research suggests that despite the importance traditionally assigned to primary stakeholders, secondary stakeholders (such as NGOs, academic institutions, public authorities, etc.) may be particularly relevant to... View Article

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: One of the primary purposes of higher education is to reproduce capitalism
A closer link to a capitalist growth economy makes higher education ecologically unsustainable in its present form. In his doctoral dissertation Toni Ruuska examines the foundations of capitalism and argues that the capitalist market economy is in juxtaposition to the finite state of the planet Earth, with its finite natural resources. Instead of addressing the deteriorated... View Article

Life & opportunities at Harvard: the visiting scholar perspective
Greetings from Boston! I am postdoctoral researcher in the Aalto SUB –group and I am currently visiting Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Here I will talk about some of my experiences during the visit. Program My visiting position is through the SCANCOR program, which promotes research mobility to top-tier universities in the US... View Article

Fossil Free Aalto Campaign
Students and staff at Aalto University, in collaboration with, today launched a social media campaign calling for the University’s divestment from fossil fuels. The “fossil free” movement has already seen more than 700 institutions divesting from fossil fuels. Universities all over the world including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and over 46 in the UK have... View Article

A New Cookbook: Crucial Ingredients for Sustainability Innovation
The Cookbook brings together practitioner-relevant findings from a 3-year research on company-driven sustainability innovation. Essentially, the Cookbook  showcases methods and “ingredients” for sustainability innovation through a collection of “recipes” based on company examples around Europe. These findings are the result of the European project – EU-Innovate – that investigated the roles of end users in shaping a green... View Article

SUB seminar: Prof. Juliane Reinecke on doing research at the intersection of org.studies and sustainability
Professor Juliane Reinecke from Warwick University will present her work on doing research at the intersection of organisation studies and sustainability, addressing it through a story regarding her paper “What is a fair price: ethics as sensemaking”. Seminar takes place on Feb 17th at 12- 13:30 o’clock in room C-331 (main building). Everyone is welcome to... View Article

Dalia D’amato presenting in SUB seminar on Fri 10.2 at 12-13
Dalia D’amato from University of Helsinki will present her paper on “Circular, green and bioeconomy as sustainability narratives”. The seminar takes places at 12-13 o’clock in room C338-339 (Main building, Runeberginkatu 14-16). Everyone is welcome to bring their own lunch along.

SUB seminar on Fri 16.12 at 9-10 (C338) / Samuli Patala presenting
On Fri 16.12 at 9-10 post-doc researcher Samuli Patala will present his paper “Organizing Open Sustainability: the Role of Intermediaries in Circular Economy Practices”. The location of the seminar is Main Building, room C338-339. Everyone is welcome!

Dr. Eeva Houtbeckers granted 4-year postdoctoral funding by Nessling Foundation & Kone Foundation
Eeva Houtbeckers has been granted postdoctoral funding from Nessling Foundation and Kone Foundation for a four-year study titled “Social entrepreneurship for post-growth societies in the global North: An ethnographic participatory study of self-employment practices for ecologically and socially just world”. Her aim is to use video ethnography to explore activities related to gaining a livelihood... View Article

New blog postings on demand response in Finland & district solar heating in Germany
The project of Smart Energy Transition has published several exciting blog postings (in Finnish): Munich’s commitment to solar district heating How demand response approach lowers the cost of electricity for everyone Heureka Museum creates a demonstration game to explain how demand response works Commentary on the new Finnish Government’s energy and climate strategy

Read about British universities´ annual sustainability awards
Aalto University´s Meri Löyttyniemi wrote a blog posting about her experiences as a judge at EAUC Green Gown Awards in London. Meri is chairing the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network and a longtime SD professional. She is dreaming of launching this global competition to cover Nordic universities too. Click here to read the blog post

How to innovate for sustainability? Get the insights from EU-InnovatE video!
The outputs of EU-InnovatE project are tailored to different audiences: academia, students, businesses and other practitioners. Check out EU-InnovatE video to learn more about Collaborative Innovation for Sustainability   Click here to explore EU-Innovate Blog about Sustainable Lifestyles 2.0: End User Innovation, Integration and Entrepreneurship To learn more about EU-InnovatE visit the official website of... View Article

Stakeholders and End User Innovation
How can we better innovate to provide more sustainable products and services? It is a question asked by many companies, large and small, in a world where sustainability challenges are ever more compelling. While not yet being an extensive practice, EU-InnovatE has provided an opportunity to shed light on how firms across Europe are working... View Article

Vastuullisuusraportointikilpailu 2016 / Sustainability Reporting Awards 2016
Sustainability Reporting  is an annual competition organized by Aalto University, Finnish Corporate Responsibility Network (FIBS), Nasdaq Helsinki, Finnish Accountants Society, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Finnish Association for Environmental Management. The award ceremony for Sustainability Reporting competition 2016 takes places on Nov 22nd 2016 in Säätytalo, Helsinki. Click here for registration details (in Finnish... View Article

Eeva Houtbeckers defends her doctoral dissertation “Mundane social entrepreneurship” on 28 October
The doctoral dissertation of Eeva Houtbeckers in the field of Organization and Management “Mundane social entrepreneurship. A practice perspective on the work of microentrepreneurs.” will be publicly examined at the Aalto University School of Business on Friday, 28 October 2016. The defence of dissertation will be held in the Chydenia building (address: Runeberginkatu 22-24, Helsinki,... View Article

SUB BYO lunch seminar series
Welcome to the seminar series of Sustainability in Business (SUB) in Management Department, Aalto University School of Business. This seminar series provides a monthly forum for all interested to discuss topical research in social and environmental issues in management. The one-hour sessions take place at Main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16) room C-238 or C338-339  during lunch... View Article

Kohti älykästä ja puhdasta liikennettä -seminaari
Eduskunnan energiaremonttiryhmä ja Strategisen tutkimusneuvoston Smart Energy Transition -hanke järjestävät liikenneseminaarin 20.10.2016 klo 8:00-12:00 Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulun päärakennuksen Nokia-salissa, 2. krs, os. Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki. Tervetuloa! Lue lisää ›

Wednesday 12th October, 09:00-12:00: Research seminar with professor Idil Gaziolusoy (Aalto-ARTS) and post-doc Samuli Patala (Aalto, BIZ)
Two new members of Aalto’s Sustainability faculty, assistant professor of Sustainable Design Idil Gaziolusoy from Aalto-ARTS and post-doc Samuli Patala from Aalto-BIZ will tell about their research in a joint seminar of SUB and New Global. Please join to learn about the work of our new colleagues. The topics are as follows: Idil Gaziolysoy: Systemic... View Article

Read the 10th issue of Annual Review of Social Partnerships
You can download the 10th issue (published in Sep 2015) from the link: